The Pleasant Harbor Yacht Club is made up of a group of boaters who enjoy our ‘home away from home’ on Hood Canal.   Our members are all ages, from all over the western U.S., and own boats of all sizes and kinds.

Boating on Hood Canal is unique. It is the only natural fjord in the continental U.S, and you have a magnificent view of the Olympics towering over the marina, warmer waters in summer, and cruising free of large commercial vessels and ferries.  (Just an occasional submarine!)

Membership dues are small as we have no clubhouse.  We do have reciprocal privileges through fellow yacht clubs.  Our informal gatherings are about once a month – even in winter.

The mission of PHYC  is to promote safe recreational boating, develop good fellowship, and stimulate sportsmanship.

Whether boating together or just enjoying time at Pleasant Harbor, our members are low key, fun-loving and share a love of boating.  Come join us – our name says it all!

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